A brand in the automotive spare parts industry


We believe that we will reach our VISION of becoming a supplier in the country and abroad, which has become a brand in its field by using metal processing opportunities and capabilities in the most effective way for the automotive sector by with our MISSION of;

  • Carrying out our activities in accordance with customer requirements and gaining their trust.
  • Ensuring the continuous development of our company – system – process – employees by making strategic decisions on all internal and external issues that concern us and managing our resources in the most efficient way.
  • Equiping itself to respond to the conditions of the automotive industry and developing it continuously.
  • Acting with responsibility and respect towards the environment and society.
  • Providing with affordable prices and quality products on time.

To achieve our goals and objectives, we commit our customers that we will;

  • Fulfill national and international regulations and conditions,
  • Fulfill the Institution and Customer requirements,
  • Keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by addressing customer relations with a strategic approach and meeting customer expectations for the goal of sustainable growth,
  • Adapt innovations to our processes quickly and effectively for our goal of being the leading company in its sector,
  • Provide superior solutions to its customers by activating the role of its employees in the processes,
  • Encourage the use of the “Process Approach” and “Risk-Based Thinking” philosophy throughout the organization for an effective Quality Management System and continue this philosophy as an important element of the company culture,
  • Ensure compliance with legal regulations and fulfillment of financial responsibilities in sustainable solution processes.
Brand in the automotive spare parts industry..

A brand in the automotive spare parts industry

Quality Management

Using developing and up-to-date technologies, providing services and products that meet customer expectations by exceeding are comprise the basis of Osmak’s sense of quality. The main principles of Quality Policy have been determined in line with the basic practices in our quality assurance system which enables this understanding to turn into a competitive power.

  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001: 2015
  • ISO 45001:2018
  • 100% rating from material certification to output checks
  • Separate measuring workstation
  • MITUTOYO surface roughnesstesters
  • WENZEL 3D coordinate measuring machines
  • STEP CAD Convertor for transferring geometric elements and free-shaped surfaces between individual CAD systems, or measuring software
  • SPC Measurement
  • 3D-Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) WENZEL LH 65


  • Mahr MarSurf XC 2 PC-based Stationary Contour Measuring Station

Brand in the automotive spare parts industry..

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